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Shopping guarantee

Enjoy a seven-day product appreciation period for shopping

For example, if we order Japanese rattan, within seven days of receiving the goods, you can try it and check the effect. If the effect is not good, you can ask us to return the goods. Note that the time is 7 days on the pick-up date.

The difference is that we promised that Japanese rattan or other aphrodisiacs and aphrodisiacs can be opened and tested. Some products are shipped with the package in trial packages, and they can also enjoy 7 days of appreciation when they are opened.

Why can we do an invalid refund even if you finish eating our products?

1. We are an international webpage, after you place an order, set up an order number to enjoy Taiwan consumer protection

2. Some aphrodisiac medicines are not instant, and it will take some time to highlight the effect, so we allow refunds after unpacking and use

3. After picking up the goods, keep your pick-up barcode and the pick-up number on the package as your proof of rights and interests

4. Refuse to refund maliciously (if the use is valid but inform us that it is invalid, etc.)